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HomeShare recognizes that two people have needs and something to offer. A home provider offers low-cost or free accommodation to a housemate in exchange for an agreed level of help.*

No two HomeShare programs are exactly alike, but there are many common threads:

  • some programs provide service to the general population while others support specific communities
  • many HomeShare programs aim to enable older people to remain independent in their own homes by finding a housemate willing to cost-share or help with household tasks
  • many programs have been set up to meet the accommodation needs of students in places where accommodation is scarce or expensive;
  • some HomeShare programs have been set up to promote solidarity between generations;
  • some HomeShare programs cater for the needs of disabled people who provide accommodation in  their homes in exchange for help in the home..

HomeShare programs:

  • aim to meet identified needs within their own communities;
  • provide guidelines for the operation of the program;
  • manage the applications process. Often they screen applicants, match them individually and provide support.

Please check our menu on the right for programs in your community. If you are aware of another HomeShare program operating in Canada (or if you wish to start one), please

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For information on programs in other countries, please visit Homeshare International.

* There are programs of a similar name in which an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing support but that is not the purpose of this website.

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