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Principles of HomeShare Model agreed to by the HomeShare Canada Network on 17 January 2014


  • To increase the options for older and Vulnerable Sector people to remain at home with independence and dignity, while fostering intergenerational / interpersonal understanding.
  • To provide an affordable housing option for Home Seekers

Underpinning Values

The HomeShare program is founded on the belief that:

  • Older and Vulnerable Sector people have a right to remain in their own home should they wish to do so, living with as much autonomy and independence as they wish, and the community's service system should assist them to achieve this.
  • Reciprocity and mutual benefit form the basis of an effective HomeShare arrangement, providing dignity, autonomy and independence to both the Home Provider and the HouseMate as well as opportunities to enhance the lives of both.
  • The service considers the needs and interests of both the Home Provider and the HouseMate, as equally important once the match has been agreed. While the Home Provider maintains dominion over the property, both the Home Provider and HouseMate are equal and respected partners (rather than service recipient and service provider) in the HomeShare arrangement and have rights and responsibilities to make it effective.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the needs of the Home Provider are paramount throughout the matching process. It may be the case that the needs of some Home Seekers cannot be achieved if this could result in compromising this value.
  • Intergenerational / interpersonal relationships and understanding can be fostered to the benefit of both the Home Provider and the HouseMate and their circle of influence and friends.

New Programs:

If you are interested in starting a HomeShare Program in your community, please !

Program Information:

The NSHRC (National Shared Housing Resource Centre) has produced a Resource Guide to Establishing a New Homesharing Program. While this was developed for the US, we have found that most aspects of US programming are applicable in Canada. The guide is $100 US, payable by cheque or PayPal. See the contents and order information.

Please visit Homeshare International for a wealth of resources to assist programs throughout the world:

  • ensemble2générations in France has published a wonderful book of case studies of homesharers they have matched, with excellent photographs. This book, called ensemble deux générations will inspire practitioners, home providers and homesharers alike. Read the book online:
  • Homeshare in Cologne – a 2008 presentation on how homeshare works in Cologne, Germany

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